Special offers

Our special offers

Spend your vacations with us at the Boutique Agriturismo l’Unicorno. Choose from an exclusive special offer and make your vacation an unforgettable experience. For those who enjoy sports, culture, nature as well as history, our special offers are a place for a holistic experience for body, mind and soul.

Dolce Vita- Cultura e natura

Bookable: from April – until 31 October 2023

È dolce far niente…

In 2023, the two northern Italian cities of Brescia and Bergamo held the title of Capital of Culture. Brescia, the so-called “Lioness of Italy”, as the city is also known, is one of the most beautiful and oldest cultural cities in Lombardy. A city that on the one hand proudly displays its historical buildings and works of art on historical ground, but on the other hand is very modern and progressive. Brescia is a treasure trove of art and architecture and has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2011 with the Santa Giulia Monastery. The legendary Mille Miglia, the classic car event par excellence, starts in Brescia every year. Bergamo, the beautiful unknown, unjustly leads a quiet existence in the shadow of its prominent neighbor Milan. There are many reasons to pay Bergamo a visit. Be it because of the historic city center of Bergamo Alta, the location on the edge of the Alps or because of the famous composer Donizetti.

In the evening, we will spoil you in our “La Chiocciola” osteria with our traditional, local specialties and our five home-grown wines, which are mainly made from the autochthonous Groppello and Rebo grapes.

“Cooking well is a creative act. Those who love cooking also love to invent”. This quote comes from Maria Callas, who lived nearby in Sirmione. She would have been 100 years old this year.

Admire the sun, palm trees, organic fruit and olive trees amidst the vines, relax in a comfortable deckchair by the saltwater pool or would you prefer to marvel at the cultural UNESCO sites all around? Take a stroll through one of the colorful markets and then along the lake?

L’Unicorno, a place for leisurely connoisseurs and exploratory travelers alike, as Goethe described it: “How I wish my friends were beside me for a moment, that they might enjoy the view that lies before me…” Beyond the snow-capped peaks of the Alps, the south begins: the blossoming lemon trees and the soft light already enchanted Goethe on his trip to Italy in 1786. Enjoy the southern sunshine on the magnificent Lake Garda. All to the rhythm of “Dolce Vita”. Benvenuti in Italia.

Our services:
The following prices are per person for the services listed.

Classic/Superior double room, Junior or Royale Suite:
You will spend comfortable nights in one of the stylishly furnished rooms/suites with a view of the palm courtyard or the vines, including breakfast. Every evening you can enjoy a delicious four-course dinner by candlelight in the Locanda “La Chiocciola” with ingredients from our own farm or from the surrounding area (drinks not included).

Basis double room, three fine four-course surprise dinner menus with a glass of “Dama in Rösa” or “Ferdinand” as an aperitif (per person).

Superior Room: Per person € 595.-
Junior Suite: Per person € 685.-
Suite Royale: Per person € 735.-

Basis double room, four fine four-course surprise dinner menus, each with a glass of “Dama in Rösa” or “Ferdinand” as an aperitif (per person).

Superior Room: Per person € 790.-
Junior Suite: Per person € 910.-
Suite Royale: Per person € 980.-

Basis double room, seven fine four-course surprise dinner menus, each with a glass of “Dama in Rösa” or “Ferdinand” as an aperitif (per person).

Superior room: Per person € 1360
Junior Suite: Per person € 1580.-
Suite Royale: Per person € 1700.-

General: Double room for single use – supplement: € 100 per night & room

Golf, Wine and Dine

Bookable: from April – until 31 October 2024

In one of the most beautiful lake regions in Europe, with its internationally renowned courses, you will swing your golf balls. In the evening you will enjoy our own Groppello wines and our traditional, local, fresh, Italian cuisine.

Classic/Superior Double Room or Junior Suite: You will spend comfortable nights in one of the stylishly furnished rooms/suites with a view of the palm courtyard or the vines, breakfast included. Depending on the selected offer, you will enjoy a fine four-course dinner by candlelight in the Locanda “La Chiocciola” with ingredients from our own cultivation or from the nearby surroundings. (drinks not included).

Golf: The following prices are valid for greenfee’s from Monday – Friday, on weekends or holidays there is an extra charge of € 25.- per person/course. Before arrival we will gladly reserve green fees for you, depending on the length of your stay, on three different golf courses. A limit EGA HPC of 36 is required on one of the courses.

Our services: The following prices are per person for the indicated services. For double room (superior) used as single room there is an extra charge of € 50. – per night/person depending on availability.

Basis double room, 1x green fee, 1 x four-course dinner with a glass of “Dama in Rösa” or “Ferdinand” as an aperitif in addition (per person)

Superior room: per person € 535
Junior Suite: Per person € 615.-
Suite Royale: Per person € 690.-

Basis double room, 3x green fees, 2 x four-course dinner with a glass of “Dama in Rösa” or “Ferdinand” as an aperitif in addition (per person)

Superior Room: Per person € 855.-
Junior Suite: Per person € 980.-
Suite Royale: Per person € 1050.-

Basis double room, 4x greenfees, 3 x four-course dinner with a glass of “Dama in Rösa” or “Ferdinand” as aperitif (per person)

Superior Room: Per person € 1150
Junior Suite: Per person € 1310.-
Suite Royale: Per person € 1400.-

Basis double room, 5x greenfees, 3 x four-course dinner with a glass of “Dama in Rösa” or “Fedinand” as aperitif (per person)

Superior Room: Per person € 1450
Junior Suite: Per person € 1680.-
Suite Royale: Per person € 1800.-

Mille Miglia

Bookable: from April – until 31 October 2024

Who does not know them? Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Moretti and the sporting spirit of the time for the coveted trophy against Mercedes or Porsche? Marveling at hot bolides, discussing with passionate drivers before leaving, as well as enjoying afterwards the start of the Mille Miglia Rally, legendary for 93 years. This week, in the middle of June, belongs entirely to the classic car fans. On the day of arrival you will enjoy a fine dinner accompanied by our Groppello wines.

Benvenuti nel mondo dei motori!

Motorsport “goodies”: If you arrive with your classic car or youngster (car at least 20 years old), you will receive a filled picnic basket for two people for your excursion into the countryside. If you arrive with an electric car, you will receive a free charge of energy for your car. The following prices are per person for the indicated services.

Classic/Superior Double Room or Junior Suite: You will spend three comfortable nights in one of the stylishly furnished rooms/suites overlooking the palm courtyard or the vines, breakfast included. On the day of arrival, you will enjoy a fine four-course dinner by candlelight at the Locanda “La Chiocciola” with ingredients from our own cultivation or from the nearby surroundings. (drinks not included).

Tip: Be inspired by the Italian Capitals of Culture 2023 Brescia and Bergamo!

Free admission for two to the vintage car museum “Mille Miglia”. Immerse yourself in the world of rolling cultural assets.

Basic double room, once a fine four-course surprise dinner with a glass of “Dama in Rösa” as an aperitif in addition (per person)

Superior Room: Per person € 500.-
Junior Suite: Per person € 600.-
Suite Royale: Per person € 660.-

Arena di Verona

Bookable: from June – August

The curtain of the 2022 Festival will rise on 17 June 2022 with an impressive and memorable return of the performance of Carmen.

The opening celebrates the performance of Carmen by Georges Bizet in the legendary production that marked Franco Zeffirelli’s arena debut in 1995; the opera is presented in the best possible fusion of the different productions, telling the fiery passion marked by an evocative realism against the backdrop of a stunning city of Seville.
The aria season offers savvy audiences cultural treats such as Nabucco, Turandot, La Traviata, to the unique Domingo Verdi Opera Night (25.08.2022). The magical atmosphere of the arena never fails to entice the audience. The rest of the time there are cultural gems to discover on your own. To name but a few: Bergamo Alta, the birthplace of Gaetano Donizetti, the UNESCO cities of Brescia and Mantova, the violin museum in Cremona or the year-round Montisola on Lago d’Iseo.

Zero-KM thanks to our own organic fruits, organic olive oil, herbs and organic vegetables.

Safe and free parking, bicycles at your disposal.

Tips and maps around Lake Garda

Double room basis, two fine four-course surprise evening menus, each with a glass of “Dama in Rösa” as an aperitif (per person).

Superior Room: Per person € 450.—
Junior Suite: Per person € 540.—
Suite Royale: Per person € 580.—

*Prices without Arena tickets

Weitere Informationen zu Ihrer Buchung

Für Ihre perfekten Ferien - das dürfen Sie erwarten

Das erwartet Sie bei uns

Bei uns im Boutique-Agriturismo l’Unicorno erwarten Sie unter Anderem folgende Annehmlichkeiten:

  • Im Zimmer eigener Tresor für Ihre Wertsachen
  • Flachbildschirm
  • Radio, USP – Anschluss
  • Internet- Ecke im Haus
  • Bademäntel und Stoff-Hausschuhe
  • Badetücher fürs Schwimmbad
  • Stromfreischalter (keine elektromagnetischen Felder)
  • Natur-Leinen-Bettwäsche, auf Anfrage Allergiker-Duvets
  • Natur -Daunenduvets Hand gewobene Natur-Wolldecken
  • Natürliche Ton-Böden (Cotto)
  • Sämtliche Kosmetikprodukte stammen aus natürlicher Produktion in Bio-Qualität

…und natürlich die Beachtung des Wohlfühlklimas im gesamten Green Globe zertifizierten Haus!

Kinder sowie Schlafdivan

Babybett bis 2 Jahre
€ 30.— pro Nacht (ab 5 Nächten kostenlos)

Schlafdivan im Elternzimmer
Übernachtung inkl. Frühstück: € 90.— pro Nacht
Nachtessen € 64.— (3-Gang Menu)

Locanda "La Chiocciola"

In unserem Hause können Sie Zimmer mit Frühstück oder Halbpension buchen.

Liebevoll und mit grösster Sorgfalt bereitet unsere Küche Köstlichkeiten für unsere Gäste her. Mehr als die Hälfte der Zutaten stammen von unserem Hof, der restliche Teil wird von Bauern aus der Provinz Brescia hergestellt. Geniessen Sie dazu unsere feinen Groppello Weiss- Rosé oder Rotweine sowie unseren Spumante di Qualità millesimato und zum krönenden Abschluss unseren hausgebrannten Aquavite aus Groppello Trauben.

Jeden Tag freuen wir uns, Ihnen ein frisches und lokales Vier-Gang-Abendmenu anbieten zu können. Wir legen grossen Wert auf einwandfreie Qualität – sofern erhältlich sogar in Bio-Qualität. Aus diesen Gründen verzichten wir auf eine Speisekarte. 
Sollten Sie eine Lebensmittelunverträglichkeit haben, dann teilen Sie uns diese bitte im Vorfeld mit. Wir versuchen diese Wünsche nach Möglichkeit zu erfüllen.

Als Hausgast profitieren Sie von der frischen Table d’Hôtes: ein feines Vier-Gang-Abendmenu à € 79. — oder ein feines Drei-Gang-Abendmenu à € 69. — (Vorspeise, Hauptspeise und Dessert) jeweils pro Person, ohne Getränke. Bei Veganem- Menu erfolgt ein Aufpreis für den Mehraufwand von € 10. —pro Person.

Die Locanda ist wie folgt geöffnet:

Frühstück von 08.30h – 10.00h
Abendessen- Service von 19.00h /19.30h


Unsere Gäste haben unser Haus der Ruhe sowie der Sicherheit wegen ausgewählt. Daher bitten wir um Verständnis, dass sich unsere Gäste bis 23.00h wieder im Haus befinden. Danach bleibt unser Haus jeweils bis morgens um 07.30h geschlossen. Wenn Sie eine Reservation für die Arena von Verona haben, dann bitten wir Sie uns dies am Vortag, bzw. spätestens bei Ihrer Ankunft mitzuteilen. So können wir uns organisieren. Besten Dank.

Elektro-Auto- Ladestationen

Auf unserem Parkplatz befinden sich zwei Ladestationen für E- Autos. Ein Zähler gibt den effektiven Verbrauch an. Währenddessen entspannen sich unsere Gäste beim feinen Abendessen sowie anschliessend bei der wohlverdienten Urlaubsruhe, um am Morgen das nächste Abenteuer zu entdecken, den vielfältigen Gardasee.


Unser Swimmingpool wird nicht beheizt und ist je nach Wetterlage und Temperaturen ab ca. Mitte Mai – Oktober zum genussvollen Schwimmen nutzbar. Badetücher, bequeme Sonnenliegen, Sonnenschirme sowie ein schönes Plätzchen auf der grünen Wiese sind im Preis inbegriffen. Kleine Kinder (oder Nichtschwimmer) müssen jederzeit beaufsichtigt werden. Der Pool kann auf eigene Verantwortung benutzt werden.

Die Öffnungszeiten sind täglich von 09.00h – 19.00h.


Gut erzogene und ruhige Hunde sind bei uns auf Anfrage in der Junior Suite Il Narciso willkommen. Es versteht sich von selbst, dass Hundebesitzer den Kot selbst entsorgen. Bitte haben Sie Verständnis, dass im Restaurant (draussen oder drinnen) die vierbeinigen Gäste nicht gestattet sind. Zudem möchten wir Sie darauf hinweisen, dass Hunde in allen öffentlichen Bereichen sowie auch auf dem ganzen Hof-Gelände an der Leine gehalten werden müssen. Aufpreis pro Hund: € 20.– pro Tag (ohne Kost). Bitte vergessen Sie nicht die Lieblingsdecke Ihres Hundes mitzunehmen.

Ältere oder gehbehinderte Personen

Unser Superior Zimmer “Il Melograno” ist bestens geeignet für ältere oder gehbehinderte Personen.

Verkaufs- und Buchungskonditionen


Die auf dieser Website genannten Preise gelten wie folgt:

  • Preise gelten pro Zimmer und pro Nacht, für eine oder zwei Personen
  • Preise sind gültig ab drei Nächten
  • Örtliche Tourismustaxe, extra
  • Freistehender Parkplatz ist kostenlos, Garage bei Platzangebot € 25.— pro Tag
  • Alle unsere Zimmer und Suiten sind Nichtraucherzimmer!


  1. Als Garantie für Ihre Buchung kann der Agriturismo L’ Unicorno eine Kreditkarten-Nummer oder eine Anzahlung verlangen. Die Buchung ist verbindlich nach Erhalt der schriftlichen Bestätigung des Agriturismo L’Unicorno.
  2. Bei Stornierung oder Nichtantreten der Reise gelten die folgenden Bedingungen:
    • ab 30 Tage vorher: 100 % des Gesamtbetrages wird in Rechnung gestellt
    • Nichtantreten der Reise: 100% des Gesamtbetrages wird in Rechnung gestellt
    • Wir empfehlen den Abschluss einer Annullation Kosten- Versicherung für Eventualfälle wie Unfall, Krankheit, verspätete Ankunft oder vorzeitige Abreise
    • Corona-Spezial: werden von den Regierungen Reisebeschränkungen ausgesprochen, dann gilt die kostenlose Stornierung bis 10 Tage vor Anreise.
  3. Alle Preise gelten in EUR, inkl. MWST.
  4. Das Hotel behält sich das Recht für evtl. Anpassungen der Zimmerzuteilung, vor.
  5. Check-in: ab 15.30h, Check-out: bis 11.00h
  6. Gerichtsstand ist Brescia.
More information about your booking

For your perfect vacation - this is what you can expect

What awaits you with us
Here at Boutique Agriturismo l’Unicorno you can expect the following amenities, among others:
  • In the room own safe for your valuables
  • Flat screen
  • Radio, USP – connection
  • Internet corner in the house
  • Bathrobes and fabric slippers
  • Bath towels for swimming pool
  • Current isolator (no electromagnetic fields)
  • Natural linen bedding, on request allergy comforters
  • Nature -Daunenduvets Hand woven natural wool blankets
  • Natural clay soils (cotto)
  • All cosmetic products come from natural production in organic quality

…and of course attention to the climate of well-being throughout the Green Globe certified house!

Children as well as sleeping divan
Baby crib till 2 years € 30.- per night (from 5 nights free of charge) Sleeping divan in parents room Overnight stay incl. breakfast: € 90.- per night Dinner € 64.- (3-course menu)
Locanda "La Chiocciola"

In our house you can book rooms with breakfast or half board.

Our kitchen prepares delicacies for our guests with love and care. More than half of the ingredients come from our farm, the rest is produced by farmers from the province of Brescia. Enjoy our fine Groppello white, rosé or red wines as well as our Spumante di Qualità millesimato and, to top it all off, our home-distilled Aquavite made from Groppello grapes.

Every day we are pleased to offer you a fresh and local four-course dinner menu. We attach great importance to impeccable quality – even organic if available. For these reasons, we do not have a menu. If you have any food intolerances, please let us know in advance. We will try to fulfill these wishes if possible.

As a house guest, you benefit from the fresh table d’hôtes: a fine four-course evening menu at € 79 or a fine three-course evening menu at € 69 (starter, main course and dessert) per person, excluding drinks. For vegan menus there is an extra charge of € 10 per person.

The Locanda is open as follows:
Breakfast from 08.30h – 10.00h
Dinner service from 19.00h /19.30h

Night rest

Our guests have chosen our house for peace and security. We therefore ask for your understanding that our guests are back in the house by 23:00. After that our house is closed until 07.30 in the morning. If you have a reservation for the Verona Arena, please let us know the day before or at the latest on your arrival. So we can organize ourselves. Thank you very much.

Electric car charging stations

There are two charging stations for electric cars in our parking lot. A meter indicates the actual consumption. In the meantime, our guests can relax over a delicious dinner and then enjoy a well-earned rest before setting off in the morning to discover the next adventure, the diverse Lake Garda.

Salt water swimming pool

Our swimming pool is not heated and can be used for enjoyable swimming from around mid-May to October, depending on the weather and temperatures. Bath towels, comfortable sun loungers, parasols and a nice spot on the green lawn are included in the price. Small children (or non-swimmers) must be supervised at all times. The pool can be used at your own risk.

The opening hours are daily from 09.00h – 19.00h.


Well-behaved and quiet dogs are welcome on request in the Junior Suite Il Narciso. It goes without saying that dog owners must dispose of their own excrement. Please understand that four-legged guests are not permitted in the restaurant (outside or inside). We would also like to point out that dogs must be kept on a lead in all public areas as well as on the entire courtyard grounds. Surcharge per dog: € 20.– per day (without food). Please do not forget to bring your dog’s favorite blanket.

Elderly or disabled persons

Our superior room “Il Melograno” is perfectly suitable for elderly or disabled people.

Sales and booking conditions

Room prices

The prices mentioned on this website are as follows:

  • Prices are per room and per night, for one or two people
  • Prices are valid from three nights
  • Local tourist tax, extra
  • Free standing parking is free of charge, garage with space available € 25.- per day
  • All our rooms and suites are non-smoking!


  1. As a guarantee for your booking, Agriturismo L’ Unicorno may require a credit card number or a deposit. The booking is binding upon receipt of written confirmation from Agriturismo L’Unicorno.
  2. In case of cancellation or no-show, the following conditions apply:
    • from 30 days before: 100% of the total amount will be charged
    • Failure to show up for the trip: 100% of the total amount will be charged
    • We recommend the conclusion of a cancellation cost insurance for contingencies such as accident, illness, late arrival or early departure.
    • Corona Special: if travel restrictions are imposed by the governments, then the free cancellation is valid until 10 days before arrival.
  3. All prices are in EUR, VAT included.
  4. The hotel reserves the right to make any adjustments to the room assignment.
  5. Check-in: from 15.30h, Check-out: until 11.00h
  6. The place of jurisdiction is Brescia.